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Apostille Services in London

Get documents apostilled at the FCO legalisation office in London

Need apostille services in London? Different countries need different levels of notarisation or legalisation for documents.

Before sending it abroad, your UK document may need the following London legalisation services:

  • Notarisation by a Notary Public OR Apostille by the FCO
  • Notarisation by a Notary Public AND Apostille by the FCO
  • Notarisation by a Notary Public AND Apostille by the FCO, THEN Consular Legalisation

If you’re sending documents abroad, such as a UK certificate, notarisation may not be enough. Many documents need further apostille legalisation by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London. This is done by fixing an apostille stamp to the document or certificate, which verifies the notary’s authority, signature and seal.

We offer professional apostille services in London. Our notaries in King’s Cross and Harrow can guide you through and help streamline the complex process.

Some documents – such as marriage certificates – can be apostilled directly at the London legalisation office, without the need for notarisation beforehand. Some will need even further legalisation by the consulate of the destination country. We offer both apostille services and a consular legalisation service via the country’s embassy.

Thinking of getting documents apostilled in the UK? Call our London team on 0208 907 2699 or read our FAQs here.

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London Legalisation Services at the FCO

If you need to apostille a certificate or UK document for use abroad, we can arrange this for you. We’ll send them off to the legalisation office in London straight after we notarise them, offering you a fast legalisation service.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London (known as the FCO) will affix an apostille stamp to your document, verifying that we are qualified to notarise it. Some UK-issued documents such as marriage certificates and birth certificates can be apostilled without the need for notarisation first.

Consular Legalisation by Embassy or Consulate

Thinking of getting documents apostilled to send outside of the UK?

If you’re sending notarised business or personal documents to a country outside the Hague Convention, you will probably need a further stage of legalisation.

Read the impact of Brexit on UK businesses – you may have more paperwork.

The notarised and apostilled document must be submitted to your destination country’s consulate or embassy – who will verify the authenticity of the FCO’s apostille certificate. We can arrange this for you, through our efficient team of consular agents.

Find out more about the differences between notarisation and legalisation here.

Why use MSC Notaries to help apostille or legalise UK documents?

“So, if you're from abroad and you have to legalize/notarize your documents from the UK since they were issued there, I can't recommend these guys enough. They're fast, cooperative and professional. I was really impressed by their service. I've also found that they're quite reasonably priced.”

— Hashim Z

  • We have both FCO and consular agents on hand to clarify the requirements of your case
  • You can rely on us to be up to date with the latest international regulations overseas
  • Our apostille service is based in Central London – less than half an hour away from the FCO
  • We offer friendly, upfront advice about your documents and highly competitive fees
  • Our Harrow (North London) notary office stays open evenings and on Saturdays

How long does getting documents apostilled in the UK take?

Getting a UK document apostilled at a legalisation office in London can be completed on the same day. Consular legalisation services take longer, depending on the country’s embassy or consulate. We can give you an accurate timescale for your case – email us on for more information about our apostille service in London.

We also offer a mobile notary service and document translation service, if you need these services before getting your documents apostilled in the UK.

Book London legalisation services on 0208 907 2699