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Consular Services & Legalisation

Further legalisation for countries outside the Hague Convention

Sending documents abroad to a Non-Hague country? You will need a further stage of legalisation on top of notarisation and apostille by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, directly from the country’s embassy or consulate.

Click here for a full list of countries signed up to the Hague Convention

If your destination country is on this list, your document will probably need one of the below:

  • Notarisation by a Notary AND Apostille by the FCO in London, THEN Consular Legalisation
  • JUST Apostille by the FCO, THEN Consular Legalisation (some UK certificates)

Just as an apostille stamp from the FCO verifies a notary’s signature, consular legalisation is needed to verify a apostille. Otherwise, the notarised document or certificate may not be accepted by the receiving country. Choosing to do this all in one streamlined process, through our notary, can save you money, time and stress.

Unsure what stages of legalisation your document needs? Read this article about the differences between notarisation, apostille and consular legalisation.

We can arrange consular services in the UK for you. Call us on 0208 907 2699 or email

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How can MSC Notaries help me with consular legalisation?

We have a team of specialist consular agents who can clarify the requirements of your case, and give you an accurate timescale.

Our experienced team are up to speed with foreign law, so you can send documents overseas with confidence. Our handy Central London location means we get to embassies and consulates fast.

If you need to send an attested degree to China, UAE or anywhere else, we can organise the whole process. Doing notarisation, apostille and consular legalisation all in one will save you time, stress and money.

How long does legalisation from an Embassy or Consulate take?

The timescale, cost and fees will depend on which embassy you need. We can give you an upfront estimate of how long the process will take and how much it will cost. Our central location is near to Euston, King’s Cross and London St Pancras station – ideal for international travel and convenient for our city clients.

Our Harrow (North London) office stays open Saturdays and weeknights, so we’re ready to answer your urgent queries about consular services in the UK.