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Notary Signatures & Apostille for Power of Attorney

Simon Colwill - February 5, 2021 - 0 comments

If you need to get a power of attorney notarised, we can witness your signature and add our acknowledgment. Visit our King’s Cross, Harrow or Battersea office, or book an appointment with our mobile notary for a flexible home visit. 

What is a power of attorney (POA)?

A power of attorney is a legal document that gives one or more people permission to make decisions, or take actions, on another person’s behalf. They are to be used when someone is unable to make decisions or take actions in their own name so they need to nominate someone else to do it for them.

We most often see POAs where someone is buying or selling property abroad but is unable to travel to sign the paperwork themselves.

If you are planning to use the POA in the UK then you will most likely need to get a lasting power of attorney, which needs to be registered with the UK government in order to be used in the UK. Most UK banks and other institutions would only accept a lasting power of attorney.

If you are planning to use the POA abroad, you should have your lawyer or legal advisor draft it for you. In some circumstances, we may be able to draft it for you, but this would depend on what the POA is going to be used for and in which country you intend to use it.

Why would I need a notary to witness me sign one?

If you’re sending a power of attorney abroad, you may need to notarise and also possibly legalise it first. This is because different countries have different rules and regulations, and you need to make sure that your power of attorney is legal there.

Solicitors are able to “certify” a power of attorney – usually at a lower cost than a notary – but most countries will insist on notarisation, in which case you need a qualified notary.

If your power of attorney document, or whoever requests it, specifies that it needs a notary signature, we can help.

How do you notarise a power of attorney?

Notarising a power of attorney involves a notary witnessing your signature, and then adding their own signature to certify the document and signature are authentic. Although we offer an online notary service for some documents, we need to see you sign a power of attorney in person. This is because we have to check your identity and make sure that you are not signing the document under duress. We offer a mobile notary service if you’d prefer a home or office visit.

COVID 19 – In these uncertain times, we are still able to witness power of attorney signatures safely by adhering to the government guidelines on social distancing, ensuring masks are worn by staff and clients, and keeping the appointment time down to a minimum.

If the document doesn’t include a witnessing statement, the notary may add their own “witnessed by” certification. You must also ensure the notarised power of attorney is dated. All of this helps to confirm the POA is genuine and legal.

Should I get my power of attorney apostilled too?

This depends on where the POA needs to be used. A notary public specialises in documents that need to be used abroad, and we can arrange for your power of attorney to be apostilled at the London Foreign & Commonwealth Office and, if required, further legalised at the consulate of the destination country.

An apostille stamp is generally added to a power of attorney after it has been notarised. Different countries need different levels of legalisation for documents – some may just need a notary signature on the power of attorney for it to be legal, while others will need an apostille stamp from the FCO. Some countries will need consular legalisation.

If you’re unsure if your power of attorney will be legal abroad, we can advise on whether it needs an apostille.

How much are notary fees for a power of attorney?

We offer some of the cheapest notary fees in London. A notary signature for your power of attorney varies depending on the number of people signing the Power of Attorney, the destination country and the language that the POA is in.

However, our fees for notarising a power of attorney start from £60.

If your power of attorney specifically needs to be witnessed and signed by a notary, you can’t use a solicitor to certify it instead – it needs notarisation. We can ensure that your power of attorney is legal for the countries it may be used in.

Our notaries are fully trained, and provide a swift, streamlined and trustworthy service to clients in London and beyond.

Can you notarise a power of attorney remotely?

Unfortunately, a power of attorney cannot be notarised remotely.

Powers of attorney are very important and powerful documents and we have to make sure that the person who is signing the power of attorney is the correct person named on the document. We also have to ensure that the person signing the power of attorney fully understands it and that they are not signing it under duress.

For these reasons, we have to physically meet and identify the person/people signing the power of attorney.

Why choose MSC Notaries?

We are highly knowledgeable on most countries’ requirements for powers of attorney to be valid.

  • Rated Excellent on Google Reviews
  • Based in three locations across London
  • Affordable yet fast and professional service
  • Legalisation and translation services too

If you need a power of attorney notarising fast, please call 0208 907 2699, email us or use our enquiry form today.

We offer a quick turnaround and expert advice on a range of international legal queries.

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