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English & Indian Will Drafting

Advice on making a will & drafting services from solicitors in London

We have extensive experience of advising on and drafting wills for use in England and Wales.
You can be sure that you are getting the best advice on making a will, and that when the time comes your will shall be valid.

  • Prices from £250 for individual wills
  • Prices from £350 for mirror wills


Indian will drafting services in London

We also draft wills for clients with property in India. We work closely with Indian solicitors to ensure that all our Indian wills meet the requirements and formalities to be valid in India.

Call 0208 907 2699 or email for advice on making a will.

Why should I make a will?

Regardless of the size of your assets, you worked hard to obtain them and they should be distributed according to your wishes when you die.

If you haven’t made a will, your assets will be distributed according to intestacy rules – which may leave your loved ones empty- handed.

By making a will, you can control how the things that are most valuable and important to you are distributed and looked after. You can:

  • Name a trusted relative or friend who you want to carry out your instructions when you die (your Executor)
  • State who you want to act as guardian for your children (minors)
  • Leave specific items for people who you know would like to own them
  • Give money to charity, friends or relatives
  • Make provisions for an unmarried partner, or give someone the right to live in your home after your death

Why not make your own will?

In order for a will to be valid in the UK or in India, there are a number of criteria and formalities that must be strictly adhered to. This is where will drafting services can be useful.

Failure to adhere to these can render your will, or parts of it, invalid. This would mean that some or all of your assets would pass under the rules of intestacy, rather than how you want them to be distributed. It’s better to ensure something so important, such as making your English or Indian will, is done properly.

How can our solicitors in London help?

At MSC Solicitors, we have extensive knowledge of the drafting of English and Indian wills, and advising our clients of the provisions that they can make.

During your meeting with us, we will take the time to explore how you would like your assets to be distributed, and the effects that this will have when you die. Only once you are completely comfortable that all your provisions have been covered, we will execute the will. Why not give us a call or book an appointment with us if you’re unsure?

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