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Notary Public Harrow

Professional and efficient notarisation services for personal and business documents.

MSC Notaries are a notary public located in the Harrow area offering a complete range of notary services for the legalisation of both personal, business and commercial documents. 

Notarisation is required for the majority of instances where you are needing to send or use UK documents overseas. MSC Notaries have decades of experience in supervising signatures and providing official seals to ensure all your documents are legalised for use in another country and will be approved by authorities overseas. 

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Our Harrow notary services can be required in the instance of:

  • Setting up a business abroad or expanding overseas

  • Granting powers of attorney

  • Swearing an affidavit

  • Attesting a degree certificate or other type of personal certificates

  • Purchasing property overseas

  • Offers of employment letters

  • Doctors/medical reports

  • Police certificates

  • Various other purposes - get in touch to enquire about any personal or business documents

Enquire at our notary public in Harrow today for a free quote. We pride ourselves on offering an affordable, efficient yet high-quality service for each and every customer and can work to meet certain timeframes where possible.


Why use MSC Notaries services in Harrow?

We have been providing notary services in the local Harrow area for decades and have a large volume of glowing reviews and happy customers. 

Below are just some of the reasons why you may want to use MSC Notaries’ services:

  • Exceptional customer satisfaction with a large volume of glowing reviews

  • Flexible team to suit those who require mobile or remote services

  • Efficient turnaround on our services that can be suited to your specific timeframe

  • Easy and simple communication where you are always kept informed on the status of your documents

What services does our notary public in Harrow offer?

Personal Notary Services

We offer notary services in Harrow for all kinds of private and personal documents for individuals, whether you are looking for attestation of a degree certificate or for other qualifications or educational certificates to be authenticated. 

Business Notary Services

Our Harrow notary public also offers notary services for a wide range of business documents, whether you are planning to set up a new business overseas or expand business abroad to ensure you are all set on time with the required paperwork. 

Mobile Notary Services

We are able to offer mobile notary services for those unable to travel to our Harrow notary offices, where we can visit you at your preferred location and convenience. 

In addition, in many instances we can offer fully online notary services for those who aren’t local and can even offer notarisation for those in other countries, depending on the type of service required and the documents in question. Get in touch with us if you have a document that needs notarising that you would like to be carried out remotely and we can let you know if this would be possible. 

Other relevant services offered in conjunction with or as an additional service include:

Document translation

If you have a document that needs legalising and notarising that is currently drawn in a foreign language or you require a document to be translated for use in a destination country, we also provide professional notarised translation services.

Our team is able to draft, notarise and legalise all your necessary documents for use abroad in one to save you time, hassle and money. We specialise in translations for Gujarati, Spanish and Portuguese.

Apostille services

There are certain countries that will also require further legalisation of documents in addition to notarisation in the form of an apostille stamp. This adds an additional level of authentication as it confirms to the destination country authorities that the notarised signature and seal are authentic and legalises it for use abroad. 

Our Harrow notary public office also offers apostille services for various types of personal or business documents including birth, marriage and death certificates, where we handle the entire process of sending your documents to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for an apostille certificate to be added.

Get in touch with us if you’re not sure whether your documents will require an apostille in addition to notarisation and we will advise on the course of action as well as provide a free quote and timeframe. 

Get in touch

To speak to the team and find out how we can help and our costs, you can call us on 0208 907 2699 or drop us an email at

How to find our notary public in Harrow


How much does a notary charge in the UK?

Our notary public in Harrow prides itself on providing fair and affordable prices for our customers which is why we must consider various factors before providing you with a quote.

The cost of our services is dependent on various factors, such as:

  • Number of documents you need notarising

  • Type of document(s) and whether these are personal or business documents

  • Number of copies of each notarised document

  • The destination country you need notarisation for

  • Any additional services required such as translation or apostille services

  • Timeframe you would require your documents notarised by

For an accurate quote on cost, you can get in touch with our team via phone on 0208 907 2699 or email us at where we can discuss the relevant information for your enquiry.

Enquire about our Harrow notary services

To enquire about our notary services or another service we offer, you can get in touch via email to, use our enquiry form or call us at one of our offices in London or Harrow and we’d be happy to assist.