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Online Notary Services – Can you notarise remotely?

Simon Colwill - January 27, 2020 - 0 comments

Looking for a convenient online notary service? It is often possible to provide remote notarisation of certain documents, depending on the type of notarisation that is required.

It is even possible to notarise documents from another country, if you live abroad.

Can a notary public notarise a document online?

If we are required to notarise documents to confirm they are authentic, remote or online notarisation is possible.

Examples of documents you may want a notary public to authenticate include:

  • Degree certificates
  • Police certificates
  • TEFL certificates
  • Employment letters
  • School letters
  • A-Level/ GCSE certificates
  • GP reports

There are still some documents that you will need to email us scans of.

For example, photographic ID and a signed letter authorising the document issuer to verify it to us, but we can advise on what is required for online notary services to be feasible.

What are the costs to authenticate a document?

Generally, our fee to authenticate and notarise online a document such as one of the ones listed above start from £50 + VAT. In addition, some institutions (particularly universities) charge a verification fee.

Where you have multiple documents that require authenticating and notarising, we can offer a bulk discount. If you have multiple documents, please contact us for a comprehensive and competitive quote.

When are online notary services not possible?

For documents that require a signature on the document to be notarised, online notarisation would not be possible. These documents require the person signing to appear before the notary public with photographic ID, and to sign the document in front of the notary. 

We are often asked if we can identify the person and witness them sign via video call. The guidelines published by our regulator state that this should not be done, as there are certain checks that have to be made which can only be done in person.

How do you notarise a document on the internet?

A notary public can notarise a document online to confirm that it is authentic. You may need to email us a scanned image of the document and photographic ID, or you may need to video or voice call our office. We will explain everything that is required and the costs.

If you don’t have internet access or equipment to send us an image of your document, we offer a mobile notary service.

Can a notary public notarise from another country?

MSC Notaries are based in London, but we offer a truly international notary service. Some of our clients are based in other countries, and never need to step into our office.

If you’re based abroad and want to authenticate a document or certificate, we can do this without a face-to-face appointment in London. We can also offer in-house document translation services in a range of languages.

Whether you’re an individual living overseas, or setting up a business abroad, an online notary could help save you time and money.

Can apostille or consular legalisation also be done online or remotely?

Once your document has been notarised online or remotely, we can also arrange for it to be apostilled and/or legalised remotely, even if you are based abroad or don’t want to visit our office.

There may be additional documents that you will need to send us – this depends on the requirements of the consulate, but usually these can be scanned and emailed to us, or posted to us.

Please contact us for costs, timescales and additional requirements associated with apostille and/or consular legalisation.

Why choose MSC Notaries for online notary services?

  • We are renowned for providing professional services at an excellent price, paticularly in London
  • We have a very high 4.8 rating on Google Reviews, showing that our clients are highly satisfied
  • We are based at two offices in London, one of which stays open late and at weekends

Interested in using an online notary to authenticate a document or certificate?

Call us now on 0208 907 2699 or email

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